I hoped and literally dreamt that I would start this blog very excited and barely have words but the universe strikes again, the only difference, this one hurt the most. Earlier this year, I got rejected from the CCBC nursing program and I was honestly heartbroken but I had a lot of nice people tell me it was their loss and I eventually believed them. I decided to take a step back from my original plan and figure out a different path but still very dedicated to Nursing. I talked to my transfer advisor and she suggested to look into Emory University’s nursing school. I had no idea what this school was or where it was so I started my research. I was easily won by how easy it was to navigate their website and added the school to my already long list of potential schools. When I finally started applying to Universities, I emailed a ton of admission offices and Emory’s admission employees were the nicest ones to get back to me. They helped me so much and without a doubt in my mind placed this school at the top of my list. I fell in love with everything that is the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory university so much so I dreamt about being one of their students in the cutest nursing school scrubs. I worked tirelessly on my application but because of my mediocre writing skills, and the 350 words word count, I do not believe I expressed my interest in this school.

I was waitlisted from my dream school and I am not ok.

Dear Emory,

I wish I told you more. Like how I would literally do anything to attend your school (hence this blog post), how I would dedicate the next two years of my life to your program and strive to be one of your best students yet. I am pretty sure you had a good amount of smart, interested applicants but I have a lifetime experience in proving people wrong and I would have told you that even though the other applicants may present to be smarter than I am, I would never stop trying to meet expectations even after gaining admission to your school.

I don’t think I have ever wanted something this much in my entire life and it would literally be a dream come true to be accepted into your program. I have had a lot of people tell me not to beg any college because, in reality, they would be lucky to have me but in this case, with this particular school, I would beg any day because the reality is I would be lucky to be a part of this program.

Anyways, no matter how this turns out, thank you. Thank you for considering my application, for not letting me go so easily, and for giving me a second chance. I highly doubt that anyone at your school is reading this but if you are, just know that I would write any essay, attend any interviews, get any recommendation letter, pass any exam, to be considered for a spot in your university. So call me haha.


This is weird but I really really really really really want to attend this school. However, if I don’t end up here, I know that God has a superior plan for me and I will just roll with the punch LOL.