OK… where do I even start this.

If you told me when I started at CCBC in 2017 that I would start a club, I would have laughed in your face. Last summer, I went to the International Student Services to talk to advisors about PTK, like I always do LOL. One of the newer advisors briefly talked to me about his vision for this club and at first, I was like “count me out” because I already had a lot on my plate. But for some reason I could not shake this idea off my mind.

We immediately started working on recruiting members and registering the club. Without boring you with the details of that process, just know it was very easy to start up a club. We registered the club and soon after we became a CCBC recognized club.

The English Conversation Club is a student organization that caters to non-fluent English speaking students. We understand that CCBC is home to students from all around the world and with that comes a diverse group of students who speak different languages. Most courses offered at CCBC are in the English language and non- English speakers need to pass ESOL before they can proceed to take credit courses. We created this club to help facilitate this rocky process and help them become confident in speaking the language. It is a safe place for students to converse in groups, make mistakes, and learn from them. The conversation groups will consist of fluent and non-fluent speakers. We also have one on one conversations. This is for students that are not comfortable talking in groups.

This was a rather difficult blog to type. I think it was because I had to actually think and put into words what this club is and that is not my style of blogging  (if that makes any sense). I am very excited for this club and even more excited to see the good we can do with it. Our first meeting is coming up this month and a flyer will be coming out on campus next week about it. Get excited. Our meetings are going to hold on every other Friday of the Month at 1:15pm.