Hi again! if you have followed my blogs since day 1 you would notice my blogs have changed a little. there is no plausible explanation other than I ran out of my horrible childhood experience to write about. I am at the busiest time in my life and one of the clubs I am involved in is Phi Theta Kappa. Asides from being a student ambassador, PTK is my next favorite thing but if you asked me last semester, I had no idea what PTK was all about. I decided to run for the scholarship position because I felt like I wasn’t getting the most out of my membership. I wanted to learn more about the opportunities and eventually help people get the best out of it.

I asked some people about the position and they all told me not to take it. They said it was too much work and they didn’t think I could do it. I almost chickened out of it but the good outweighed the bad, even-though I didn’t know the gravity of the good at that point. After I took the position, I got the opportunity to attend a regional event with PTK members and officers from the middle states region, so New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and of course Maryland. I met community college students from these states and I had never felt more in-place with a group of people. I am glad I opted to go to this event because not only did I make long time friends, but I also learned about PTK in its entirety. It was three days of enlightenment and honestly I would have loved it to last the entire summer.

At this point of the blog, you are probably wondering what I’m getting at, well here it is.

PTK is a huge organization and I know some of the previous bloggers talked about it but they used technical PTK/blog terms. You can go ahead to read that for a more professional point of view however, I believe we can go on and on about the technical terms like scholarship opportunities,5-Star membership and officer positions but PTK is much more than that. It is a family of scholars and If you don’t know why to join, here’s one reason for you. You will fit in regardless of what your situation is. If you feel for some reason you don’t fit in anywhere, trust me PTK is it. It is the one place where it doesn’t matter if you’re an international student, part-time student, ex-convict, no literally anyone with a 3.5 GPA and at least 12 credits can be a part of this family. The best part is we understand that not everyone meets the requirements and that is why provisional membership was introduced. You DO NOT have to turn in an application for this. Coming to our meetings and helping with service projects are the only requirement for provisional membership.

It is PTK awareness week and you must have seen officers promoting it. Stop us, ask us anything. it’s never a bother. On Monday, the 30th, myself, alongside my co-vp of scholarship will be presenting about-you guessed it- scholarships!! We have an amazing powerpoint presentation and trust me we have all the deets, so come prepared. Also, we have free food.

In conclusion, PTK has meant so much to me and in the spirit of appreciating the good in my life, I would like to say a couple things (like I haven’t said enough) but seriously, Thank you PTK.  For amplifying my love for research. for bringing out the leader in me, for bringing out my ambitious side, for teaching me that there is no such thing as being “over-ambitious”. for taking the second place on my favorite extracurricular list, only because being an ambassador is a hard one to beat. For teaching me basic skills that are not learned in a typical classroom setting, through the amazing competitive edge program. For being more than a scholarship opportunity for me. For sticking by me now and literally forever. Thank you, for all this and more because this is just the start of very amazing things with you.

So why PTK? You tell me.