I feel like whenever I think of CCBC, one of the first things that comes to mind academic wise is always their School of Health Professions (SHP). It’s a staple and highly recognized group of majors that essentially help students graduate with their AA degree and fully prepare them to go into health fields to start their careers. Medical Careers Pathway / Overview

One thing I have seemed to learn working on campus is that sometimes new students know exactly what they want to do but they miss this extremely important piece of information about any majors related to SHP programs… A good amount of these SHP programs require you to submit a separate application. If you’re sitting there reading this blog and wondering, is my major considered a SHP program/degree? Please take a look at this list I got from the CCBC website stating which ones are considered SHP programs;

SHP Programs

“Each program prepares graduates who are eligible, to take certification examinations given by state and national certification agencies. All programs are currently accredited by a state or national accreditation agency. Learn more about each program, view admission packets, accreditation information, program expenses, outcomes and more.”

Allied Health Anesthesia Technology
Dental Hygiene Emergency Medical Technology
Health Informatics and Information Technology
Medical Imaging Medical Laboratory Technology
Mortuary Science Nursing
Occupational Therapy Assistant Physician Assistant
Radiation Therapy Respiratory Care Therapy
Veterinary Technology

You are able to click on any of the programs. They are hyperlinks and they should be able to direct you to it’s designated page on the CCBC website.On-site care for employee health | athenahealth

Now that you have been able to see the SHP programs I want to of course bring up what I may say can be a very tricky part in the process. I am talking about the separate application for admissions into the SHP. You’re probably scratching your head going, “what are you talking about??? I’m already a CCBC student taking classes. Why would I need to submit another application?

Welp if you read/looked very closely into your SHP program on the CCBC website you may or may not see under the Important Information tap it states “Selective Admissions Program”. SHP requires students to submit a different application once they have finished all their prereqs so they can apply into their chosen SHP program.

When it was time for me to fill out my SHP Cas application I honestly felt so intimidated. I created my account and was just like, “omggg what now.” My reasoning for feeling this way 1 was because I knew it would determine my future and 2 the fear of just messing up somewhere after I paid the $50 application fee. I am not afraid to admit but I had a really rough time filling it out… I don’t even know why. Like out of desperation and not watching the helpful links they provide, I just paid for a company that works for them to fill out my academic history, when in reality I could have saved money and did it myself.See the source image

Now if the “Selective Admissions Program” is stated on your SHP program than look no further to better guidance! The SHP will be hosting virtual Q&A

Thursday, December 9, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM | Online

SHP Q&A, 12/09/2021

Monday, December 13, 12:00 PM-1:00 PM | Online

SHP Q&A, 12/13/2021

Learn from me, save money, and reduce stress. Click the link below the dates to RSVP that you will be attending the information session. I must say that if after reading this blog you are feeling overwhelmed I would highly recommended either meeting with an academic advisor or a staff member who works in your SHP program. For many, if not all SHP programs, you must have all stated prereqs complete before submitting application. This way you’re a better candidate but also you’re able to focus more on your program of study.

I hope you guys take advantage of things like this. I wish I would have known about stuff like this when it was time for me to start working on my SHP Cas application. But overall I am sending you all future SHP students the best of luck on the application and on your life and career journey!

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