Can we talk about the meaning of a REAL LIFE HIKE. Because guys, the longest hike I had ever taken in my life was 45mins to get to the destination and 45mins walking back to my car. But this weekend, BOY OH BOY I experienced the real meaning of what an “actual hike” was. Don’t get me wrong the view was beautiful, from the fresh air, to the crisp semi chilly weather it was definitely cute. But the body ache… From my toes, calves, thighs, tail bone, to my lower back, I never knew what a real hike could do to you.

Harpers Ferry is located in a triangle of states; Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. It’s about  1hr 15mins from CCBC Essex and it is definitely a day trip worthy for hiking/stunning view seekers. I went with 13 family members and we were all mesmerized by the beauty harpers ferry had to offer. We parked at the national park of harpers ferry and hiked down to the old town.

We had heard about harpers ferry through family friends. We would see there post online and the view just seemed spectacular. But for some reason we couldn’t find where there pics where taken at, until someone texted them and asked hahahaha. We later realized that indeed it was harpers ferry, but Maryland Heights part of harpers ferry. From where we parked to get to Maryland Heights it took us a little over an hour to arrive.

Once we got across the bridge and started the trail up the mountain, is when the pain sorta started to kick in. For starters I was wearing my pair of purple converses that fit a lil bit tight with extremely thin socks. If you have ever owned a pair of chucks you know that on their sides they have two holes, which allowed rocks and dirt to come in… The hike was very inclined, with a mix of steepness, and some surprise rocks to walk over. Even though it was 13 of us that started the hike together, we ended up all going at different paces. Walking the trail up, and feeling shortness of breath reminded me of the pacer test they made us do in grade school. Watching multiple people going up and down the trail with there correct hiking shoes made me envy them because my feet were hurting once I got halfway up the hike. Once I finally reached the “top” aka the destination I sat down took my shoes & socks off and just sat there wishing I had wings. I had never wished I had wings so badly in my life. Thinking about walking back down was a frightening feeling. By this point I had one big blister on one of my toes and wanted to just call it a day. BUT don’t get me wrong the view was beautiful, the exercise I had given my body up the trail made me feel good. From the starting point of the trail to the top took me about 1hr 20mins. Hiking backdown wasn’t as bad as I thought. It was like if gravity was pushing me down. Like what was inclined turned into steepness and what was steepness turned into inclined. I got down the trail in approximately 45mins. For some reason I enjoyed the hike down more than the hike up. I guess it  was because it was cooling down more and I knew once I got down I could finally eat.

Guys even though my experience wasn’t the best, the view was WORTH IT. In my wishlist I now have a pair of hiking boots 😭 I feel like that would make all the difference in the world. Also I wanna go back again in the summer. There’s a huge river and even though it was 70 degrees people were tubing, so now I wanna tube there because that view would be so relaxing and the water looks so clean!!!

Please check it out if you ever get the chance or if you’re looking for somewhere to hike and let me know how it goes 🙂