Dear darling,  

How are you??? It’s been a while since I last spoke to you. Last time we talked you mentioned you were feeling a little under the weather with school, work, and simply just life. I just wanted to take the time and write to you. I know that in this coming couple of weeks you will be feeling a million and one emotions. AND I want you to feel them ALL. I want you to feel the love from your family and friends these coming up holidays. I want you to feel the pressure with the end of the semester literally being right around the corner. Time is flying and you don’t even realize it. I need you to cry, scream, sing, dance, honestly whatever your heart is desiring in the moment. You wanna know why?? Because think about it, what’s more beautiful than thinking back in a few months or years from now and remembering all these emotions you are experiencing. And if things are super bad, just remember this is all temporary stuff. Life moves on and don’t let one tiny thing affect your emotions. Life is what you make it !!! Or if life is 10 out of 10 aka gr8, keep it going!!!!! To wrap this up, I’d like to leave you with some very wise words from Mordecai and Rigby,  

We just wanna wish ya’s a merry merry Christmas,  

Bells jingle, 

Kris Kringle, 

Wrap your gift like this SON, 

Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, 

Tape, tape, BOW 


Yours truly,