Sometimes in life, it’s the sweet things that can make one’s day. Recently I’ve became close friends with some fellow CCBC student life leaders. We hang out and enjoy some sort of food from each other’s culture/favorite places around. This past Sunday was my turn, and usually locally made ice cream from one of my favorite places, Brooms Bloom is always the moves.


If you’ve never been, please google “Brooms Bloom Dairy”!!! How do I even describe such yumminess in words?? Well for starters, they have lunch menu options like soups, salads, sandwiches, and mac&cheese. I’ve had the pleasure to try a few of their sandwiches, their cream of crab soup, and mac&cheese. Needless to say, this is a good spot to stop by and get lunch. I always do my go-to special of mac&cheese, ham and cheese sandwich, and a small cup of ice cream. They have this cute little chalkboard where they write the types of ice creams being offered that day. If you see a flavor that calls your name but you’re too scared to go for it, they’ll give you a sample to try if you ask (which is always very convenient). I personally have had their cookies and cream, chocolate, blackberry, and graham cracker cake batter just to name a few of my favorites. The ice cream is creamy and even if you want to stop eating you just can’t put the spoon down!

To our surprise, there was a beautiful field of sunflowers. I had always wondered where people went and took those sunflower pics and BOOM they were there. Sunday’s visit is probably the latest I had visited Brooms in the year, so now I know that in October they have fields of sunflowers. Another thing that took us by surprise was all the bees that were there! Francesco Rocha told us about his allergic reaction to a bee’s sting (which my brain automatically thought of the movie “My Girl” with Macaulay Culkin and how he DIES from a bee’s sting). Luckily, no one was stung, and Sunday’s adventure was a full success 🙂

Big shoutout to Estefani Calle for all these wonderful pics!!! I’m the worst photographer and usually always forget to take pics of things 🙁 but thankfully, her pics came in super handy for this blog! And also, we were missing our 4th member due to him being “sick” (but we all knew he just wanted to stay home to watch the Ravens game HAHAHA). Fernando Martinez and his wonderful photoshop skills was there in spirit with us and this amazing picture is enough proof for everybody to see!