For the past year of being a student at CCBC I had never heard so much buzz  about our athletes as much as I have this fall semester! To be more specific Essex Women’s soccer team. A couple of friends had been talking about the Knights Wsoccer  having 14 straight undefeated games and that BLEW ME AWAY!!!! 14 straight undefeated games???? That’s really gooood, so I decided to tag along to last Thursday’s game (10/10/19) with those same friends who kept talking about it. Being part of Student life here at CCBC, I knew that there was also a fellow Student Life  leader who played on that team. I’m talking about Peyton Apruzzese AKA goalkeeper or when she’s on the field #21. Knowing the hard work it requires to be a college student, student life member, and on top of that playing a sport, I knew I had to interview this girl to get an insight of how she makes this all work! Here we goooooooo 

Why soccer? How did this all start?  

Peyton:  When I was 7 years old, I started playing soccer, but I had been playing other sports, baseball and dance since I was 4 years old. When I moved from Houston, Texas to Severna Park, Maryland, I decided to drop one sport and try something new. I chose to drop dance and pick up soccer. Everyone on my dad’s side played soccer as well so I decided to try it out. 

Will you continue to play soccer when you transfer over?  

Peyton:  I plan to transfer outside of the state, but I don’t know if I will continue. If I were to continue playing, it would be for a travel team or intramural team at the school that I plan to transfer to. 

What are your long term goals after leaving CCBC? 

Peyton: My plan after CCBC is to transfer to the University of California, San Diego or University of California, Davis. I want to get two bachelor’s degrees in Neurobiology, Human Biology, and take a minor in Spanish. I plan to get my master’s degree, then apply for medical school to become a doctor in the future. During my time at the university, I would like to study abroad if possible 

If you could tell your future self (Let say 10 years from now) what would you tell yourself?  

Peyton:  What I would tell my future self would be to always be happy and ignore any negatives that are to try to hinder your goals. Also stay true to yourself and never lose site of who your are or where you came from. 

It’s very common for athletes to always watch their diet, would you mind giving us an insight of yours?  

Peyton:  So, I typically eat pretty healthy in general whether it be in season or off season. To me there really isn’t such thing as a diet. When you eat, it’s everything in moderation. In my house we typically make home cooked meals that are always healthy, and my mom makes tons of it to the point where it lasts for a week or two depending on what she made. I am also a fruit fanatic. If you put a bowl of fruit in front of me, I will eat it all. Now with junk food, I always have a day, every now and then, where I treat myself and get fast food as should everyone. I don’t buy junk food constantly because that is not healthy. Now if I have a game within the next couple of days, especially the night before, I will not eat any junk or processed foods because knowing me, I will feel gross the next day and I don’t want to do that on game days. 

Any fun facts or hidden talent(s) you would want us to know???  

Peyton:  Fun Facts… 

– I played soccer in Italy for two weeks back in 2017. Went to Milan, Venice, and Verona.  

– I played baseball for 13 years including at my high school (Not Softball!!!). I used to be 

a pitcher. 

– I come from a Hispanic and Italian background. 

– My family and I are huge fans of D.C. United (Soccer), Yankees (Baseball), Houston 

Astros (Baseball), and New York Giants (Football) fans. 

– I played for the Washington Spirit Development Academy team for soccer. 

– So I am a goalkeeper, but when I was younger, I actually strongly disliked being a 

goalie and I played field as a right midfielder or striker. I went back to goalkeeping in the spring of seventh grade. 

– CCBC Essex Women’s Soccer has a 15-game winning streak right now and we are number 13 nationally ranked for NJCAA right now. We made the top 20 nationally ranked community colleges for the first time in 30 years as well. 

Last but not least, when will you be graduating from ccbc, your major, and your favorite memory so far here @CCBC? 

Peyton:  At CCBC I am a science major and will be graduating May of 2020. I have many wonderful memories at CCBC. If I had to choose my favorite memory, it would be when I did the Summer Bridge Program through Student Life back in the summer of 2018 and got to meet my closest friends, Jada and Keonte, for the first time. We’re still friends till this day. Another memory would have to be this year’s soccer season because we are on a winning streak and I love every one of my teammates. 

I want to give Peyton a big shoutout for taking the time out of her busy schedule to let me interview her. It really means a lot because I wanted to shine some light on a student who is able to take academics, extracurricular activities, and a sport very serious and give it her all. She’s taking in all that CCBC can offer students and is making the best memories out of it. I wish her the very best in her future and I know she will always exceed in anything that is put in-front of her!