A Very Special Cup Cake Shop in Canton

Samantha Olshefski

One of things I love about Baltimore is all the great food we have around us. If you are willing to take a little trip to Canton you will see exactly what I mean.

On Valentine’s Day weekend I was in Canton and found on O’Donnell St.: Cup Love, which is a great cupcake shop to soothe a sweet tooth. It’s Baltimore’s only “authentic Greek frozen yogurt and home-made cupcakes shop.” Located at 2928 O’Donnell St., Cup Love is a cute little shop in the heart of Canton that also offers the best frozen yogurt in town.

They use authentic Greek yogurt and all natural ingredients. They also serve “delicious home-made cupcakes including, but not limited to low-sugar, gluten-free, vegan and multigrain.”

My experience was remarkable that weekend. Having gone into the shop to get my favorite coconut cupcake, I was told they were sold out. Of course, my heart broke a bit, ironically on V Day.

However, the owner saved the day by offering to make me one–if I just waited a few minutes. I was so pleased and agreed, buying a few other flavors for my family.

Among my purchases were: vanilla with roses on top, chocolate, cookie dough, peanut butter & chocolate, and Oreo.

The owner then brought my coconut cupcake and left me with a smile. Unlike other places I have been, these hardworking owners care about their customers and community.

A reason I find their cupcakes so delicious is that they have great toppings with rich and creamy frosting. It ranges from sweet and savory toppings to cream cheese or fluffy buttercream frostings. And if you go in on certain days you can find some unique art on top!

After going home happy with my coconut cupcake, my family ate the rest within the hour. This cupcake shop is by far my favorite. Cup Love won me over with kindness and cupcakes. So go check out this awesome Canton cupcake shop! And see which one is your favorite.

Prices vary, depending on what type of cupcake you choose. Prices range from $2.99 to $3.99

You also check them out at http://www.cup-love.com/ or make call to their phone 443-627-8955.

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  1. Vanessa 5 July, 2016 at 14:30 Reply

    This article has made me hungry! I can not wait to check them out the next time I find myself in Canton.

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