Everyone at some point in his or her life goes through some kind of disappointment. Now, it depends how we perceive disappointment,

as our downfall or as a stepping-stone to reach and achieve higher levels.

Should we stay fallen, on the ground (metaphorically speaking) or just brush the dust of our shoulders and stand up again.

So, what are disappointments? Many factors are involved here, could be due to family issues, school, personal life, relationships or just our inner self. Most people see them as a life changing experience, while for some; they are blocks hurdled to step over and start again.

I, on the other hand see disappointments as a stepping-stone to keep moving forward. I too like many have gone through times when I have fallen hard and nearly gave up, but a small voice inside me always said, “Don’t give up”. There are many goodies out there to be eaten, places to be explored and most important, to realize that I am here for a reason. It has been a learning experience, which helped me to grow stronger and better person.

As my dad always said, “ disappointments are not failure, they just let you know that what you thought was best for you was in reality a stepping-stone for something much better”.

Be your own strength, take heed from lessons learned and always take pride in being the person you are.