Fall being my last semester, the time has arrived where I will bid farewell. This will be my last blog as I am graduating in December 2017. Looking back at the years, I have seen some positive changes within me.

The first time I visited CCBC, my thoughts were, “what am I doing here? Can I really go back to school after so many years?” I am so happy that I took that step and enrolled, for I saw a life in college, which helped me to grow mentally and spiritually. It was not an easy ride but being determined to finish what I started, I worked hard. I had never studied so much before as I did in the last two years and I can see the benefits from it.

I was not the type to speak up in public or even speak my mind, but after being selected as a Student Life Ambassador, a member of the International Club (for some time), and a Recording Officer for Alpha Rho Si Chapter at Catonsville campus while working as a student aide at the International Student Services office made me grow and come out of my shell. I met some wonderful people and made a few good friends. It has been a wonderful journey and special memories to carry forward with me.

I read a quote in one of my course assignments and thought to share it here as that is exactly how I feel now.

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein

Finals week has approached and I wish everyone all the best. There are many I have to be thankful to as they helped me build a better a stronger life. So thank you everyone for being a part of my journey. I will surely miss CCBC and it’s shenanigans.