Where do you see yourselves a few years down the line? Do you have your dreams, aspirations, and goals sorted and mapped out?

Well, those are the questions often asked by professors, family, friends and anyone who gets to know you are in “college”. Easier said than done, I might say, but than it is not impossible too.

There was a time when everything looked dark and bleak to me and whenever a suggestion was thrown to me, my expression was “It’s Impossible”, and without even realizing, I was drawing all the negatives towards me and making it “Impossible”, till that one fine day a very good friend of mine came and asked me to stop self-sabotaging. It took me a while to figure that out but when I did, the roads to success opened up. This friend of mine had said just one thing to me, which we see all the time in our lives but chose not to acknowledge it. She said,

“Instead of saying Impossible, say “I Am Possible”.

It took me sometime to implement it and when I did, the journey was and still continues to amaze me. I even made a vision board to remind myself how lucky I am and through that board visualized my dreams and made them reality.

All I had to do was to dream what I wanted to do, explore what I needed to do to achieve my goals, discovered ways to reach them and finally delivered….

So, my peers, colleagues and everyone else who is reading this blog…where are you in your dreams… If you haven’t started as yet, it’s not too late…take that step, even if it’s a tiny one, take it and make sure the grass is greener on your side of the fence…. It’s your life, your garden….. Sow, nourish and so shall you reap!!!!!