I hope everyone had a very smooth finals week and semester full of good grades! Congratulations to all of our proud graduates and best wishes to all of you on your next chapter in your higher education journey. It’s time for me to write my last blog for this academic year and I saved the best blog for last! The Student Life Ambassador Program is the best extra curricular program I joined at CCBC. This is my third year as a Student Life Ambassador and all the praises I give the program will never do it justice. This journey I took with my fellow student leaders and our amazing directors was a journey full of fun, growth, and discovery. With the help of this program, I became the leader I have always aspired to be. If you are a student at CCBC and you didn’t get the chance to join this wonderful program then you are missing out. Student Life added flavor to my college experience. I discovered so much about myself and about my hidden potential to become a leader, an influencer, and a peer educator. I did all of that while getting paid too!

So it started like this, I was attending the CCBC Honors Society PTK induction and one of the students was presenting. I was so impressed by how this student was outspoken and confident during her presentation. The next day I saw this student and I asked her, “How did you become so relaxed speaking in front of a big crowd like that?” and she said, “I joined this program that helped me improve my public speaking skills.” The minute she said that and I couldn’t stop thinking about joining the program, so I did! I have learned so much from the biweekly workshops we had. These workshops featured so many great presenters who shared their experience with the students. Student Life is the reason I have my part time job at the admissions office here at CCBC. This program opened so many doors for me. Doors with great opportunities that helped me advanced in my higher education journey. My director, Lesley Low, is behind all of these opportunities. She goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting her ambassadors. She doesn’t hesitate to send any opportunity she learns about to the ambassadors to help them grow and flourish. She is my biggest fan at CCBC. Lesley, if you are reading this thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you is not enough to show how much I appreciate all of your continuing support, especially during the pandemic. Your passion for helping students shines from you. You rock!

I’m so grateful and honored to call myself a CCBC student ambassador. I was able to meet new, great people and made new amazing friendships that will last forever. Student Life helps students at CCBC build a network that will help them and help the people they know succeed, grow, and flourish.

I wish everyone a relaxed summer break to recharge and come back ready for another great semester. I might pop in with a blog or two over the summer, but until I see you next semester be safe and recharge my friends.