As we are approaching the last ten days of Ramadan, I’d like to invite everyone to recharge their energy for next year because there are enough blessings and positive energy during Ramadan for everyone. Every year, this holy and special month visits us here on earth and it brings with it lots of positive energy, blessings, and healing power for everyone. The last ten days of Ramadan are the most precious. Everyone can sense the positive energy that can lift everyone’s spirit and makes them feel in peace. Lots and lots of prayers during these special nights are made with a strong belief that all of them will be answered.

Every year I look forward to meeting Ramadan with an open heart, a clear mind, and a high spirit. Whether it’s a bad habit I stopped or a better one that I trained myself to learn for thirty days, I come out a better person every year after Ramadan. Whether it’s a negative thought that I got rid of or a new inspiration that I got, I come out full of hope, energy, and a ton of confidence. This special guest is like the gift that keeps on giving; and every year I make sure I get all I need for the rest of the year until I meet Ramadan again.

This special guest is leaving us soon, so don’t hesitate to recharge, reflect, and pray. There is more than enough for everyone. And if Ramadan left us too soon, don’t worry because Ramadan is coming to visit us next year bringing all the love, peace, and blessings for everyone.

Until next time my friends,