COVID 19 ruined my son’s high school graduation, it ruined my daughter’s college graduation, it ruined my 40th Birthday, it ruined my vacations plans, it ruined my yoga classes…… And the list goes on and on, but if I keep going down the list, you will be so bored from my complaining. To save you from my complaining I will switch the tone to a more positive note.

Let me tell you about my first research experience here at CCBC. The CCBC Honors Program partnered with The Mellon Foundation from Johns Hopkins University and they conducted a summer research experience for CCBC students. In the midst of the racial unrest and racial injustice our country was experiencing , CCBC (as always) rises to the occasion. The theme of the Honors Virtual Summer Research Experience was The Human Side of Justice. CCBC students spent their summer learning and researching about racial justice and the human side of justice. We also, tried to understand the true meaning of justice.

I got the email invitation to join the research program and I was very interested to join. I liked that it was completely virtual, and I was excited to join because I applied to one research experience before, but I couldn’t join  due to the fact it was residential. I started with so limited research experience and many doubts about if I was a good fit for this research experience. With the help of my amazing mentors, Professor Washington and Professor Ackerman and their encouraging words and support, I was able to come out of this experience confident about my research skills. Professor Washington and Professor Ackerman, if you guys are reading this, I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me and believing in my abilities. Thank you from my heart.

It was a very engaging experience with so much to learn. All the speakers were very knowledgeable and passionate about their work. That what made their presentations so creative and engaging. Their words touched my heart and the hearts of all the students and mentors.

I was really having so much fun to the point I was looking forward to every Zoom meeting and I started to feel so connected to everyone in our amazing group of researchers and mentors. The students had many great resources at their service throughout the whole experience. I learned how to create a vlog, which was something that I didn’t expect to learn at the end of my research project.  My final project was about the long-term effect of antiracist parenting and the responsibility parents and educators both have to raise a generation free of racism.  The title of my vlog is “No One Is Born Racist” and I will include a link to my vlog at the end of this blog if you are interested in watching it. I hope it will be inspiring for you

My 40th Birthday was during  the second week of this amazing research experience. This experience made my Birthday extra special. I’m proud to say that I participated in the advocacy for racial justice and I was part of the fight for racial justice by learning more about it and educating my family, friends, and everyone I know.

Until next time my friends