As I promised you in my first blog, I will talk to you about my many involvements here at CCBC. I like to talk to you about one of my latest involvements here at CCBC, which is Fresh Faces of CCBC. This program changed the way I think about social media forever. 

Here I was, scrolling through my emails and I came across this email about an opportunity for students on CCBC social media. I thought for a second, this opportunity is definitely not for me-I don’t even have a social media presence and I’m not comfortable to be active on social media. I deleted the email and kept scrolling. Two days later, I got the same email from my Ambassador Program director, Lesley Low who also talked to me about it before. She explained to me how they need students to use their social media accounts to promote CCBC. Now, I started to talk  myself into applying. I know that I don’t have social media presence, but if they are asking for help promoting CCBC, then I think I can do that. CCBC has giving me so much and I feel this will be a chance for me to give back. So, I applied to join Fresh Faces of CCBC and I got accepted.

It was time for the interview, and I was a little nervous, but once I saw few of my friends there too, I started to feel less nervous The interview was short and sweet. My favorite question was if someone asks you, why should I apply to CCBC, what would you tell them? I went on and on about all the great things CCBC  offers students and that’s exactly why I joined this program. Many people don’t know how much this place gives to students and a lot of people are missing out on joining CCBC because of the stigma people have about community colleges. This was an opportunity to tell people about the great things waiting for them here at CCBC. Now I’m able to use my social media accounts to change the stigma about community colleges and to give back to the college I love, CCBC

One thing I wasn’t expecting was the first meeting we had with the directors. When we arrived there, there was a photographer who was ready take our pictures, and a stylist who was ready to do students’ hair and makeup. We were having a photo shoot! Not only that, there were goodies waiting for us there. It was a day full of fun and excitement.

Two years ago, I saw a big picture of one of my friends on the wall of one of CCBC buildings. I said to myself, one day I wish I will be the face of CCBC. Two years later, I’m a Fresh Face of CCBC and there is a picture bigger than me on the wall. CCBC is where dreams come true!

Until next time my friends