Welcome to the diary of a second semester nursing student.


I think it would be pretty self-aware to describe myself as a high achiever and I think it’s safe to say that it has been a very different kind of semester. So far, I’ve failed my first exam, passed my second exam, had to re-do a skills test, while also working clinical hours, and trying to balance a part-time job.


The good news is that clinical has been great, my clinical instructor and group are the best. I’m also very pleased to announce that my grade average has finally improved. However, in not-so-great news, I am still very much stressed and exhausted.


These first 5 weeks of the semester have really taught me the beauty of flexibility, optimism, and determination.


So what? I didn’t get the best grade on my first exam; I’ll study more and do better on the next one.

So what? I didn’t pass my skills test on the first try; well, the extra practice will make me even more efficient and comfortable when I have to apply the skill in the hospital setting.

So what? I’m exhausted; well welcome to nursing school everyone is tired.


Moral of the story is that being able to look for the silver linings even when things aren’t going your way is a trait that will serve you well in the long run. I’m saying all of this and describing the mini disaster that has been these past few weeks to hopefully encourage you if you’re also having a tough time.


It’s okay, we’ll make it through and remember to look on the bright side because I promise there is always at least one.


See you next week.