Hey, I’m back! I’ve waited all summer to say that and Oh, does it feel good to be blogging again. In my last post last semester, I mentioned A LOT of things but I did say I wanted to take time this summer to grow. Well, I did, but in a very unexpected turn of events. I made so many unforeseen life changing decisions and well in a nutshell, I am going to be here for another year. I know, who saw that coming, right? I learned a lot about myself as a student, leader and volunteer but before we dive into all that, I would like to re-introduce myself to my new readers and old readers. I read my bio (I should probably change that too) from last year and that is so not me anymore so here goes;


My name is Grace Martins, a socially awkward, yet exceptional friend and leader.(I literally cannot stop laughing at that sentence) I am in my third year at CCBC and I did not think I would have the opportunity to do this again but my plans were changed and the universe aligned in my favor just to make this possible and I could not be more thankful. I am a full time student, juggling a little more than a regular full time student, if I say so myself. I am a student ambassador, which of course is my favorite thing to do, the vice presidents of scholarship for our Phi Theta Kappa chapter-chi theta– and I am loving every moment(at least for now, JK). I am also the vice president of media and public relations for the student honors council, our very own honors society, which again, I am super excited about. I thought that was all I would have to do this year but an opportunity came looking for me and knowing me, I could not say No. I fell in love with the idea and agreed to help start a club. I KNOW! I am an insane person but this club has a lot of potential to help ESOL students and if I can make that happen, why not? I am the president of a little, but soon to be BIG, club called International conversation club ( we are still working on the name lol). I am looking forward to the progress my team and I make with this club and most importantly, the progress we can achieve with the ESOL students. Later in the semester, I will have an update about this club, get excited! 

During the course of the semester, I will also be applying to 4year colleges and scholarships which means, a lot of essay writing and way less sleep. Fun… right? I have listed a bunch of things and although I am very happy to see all this come to life this semester, I am downright terrified of what my life and mental state would be. I am scared I would miss out on blogs,(cut to me typing this two weeks before the semester starts), school work( I know I will try my best to stay up to date but what if I can’t), applications (I have most of my essay drafts but what if I can’t complete them). Regardless, I do strongly believe that my fear is what motivates me because I am eternally scared of letting people down and ultimately letting myself down, so I give my all just to avoid situations like that. Oh I almost forgot! I got a new job haha. Well relatively new, I started working at the registrar’s office and in a nutshell, one of the best work related decisions I have ever made, considering I have only worked at two places, still, the best.


This was not an easy blog to type because I typed a whole lot of college essays this summer butI am happy to get back to my blogging groove. I am officially back and it feels really good and even better there are no unnecessary word/character count.(not naming names… coughs)


A lot of things have happened, a lot has changed but one thing remains constant; I love getting involved and will not let my fears get the better of me.I hope this inspires you to get involved here at CCBC and your community at large because, guess what? change starts with you and you and you. 


P.S the parenthesis is just a visual representation of how my brain works.