I can’t count how many bad days I have had this school year but if I could it would probably be more than a 100. As I have mentioned a thousand times, I am taking very important and difficult classes this semester and one of the many things I failed to consider before registering for all these classes, is midterms. The past 2weeks for me has been a rollercoaster ride and not in a fun way. I had all my exams, assignments, discussion posts, ambassador work, and regular work back to back. My brain is fried from all the studying so I thought; why not blog about how annoying school is to me.

I usually study 2 weeks prior to my nutrition exam because it is A LOT and by doing this, I neglected my other classes and literally studied for my microbiology and chemistry exam the night before. You guessed it, the past 3weeks have been me in the library with absolutely no life, studying like a maniac. I had all my exams last week and boy was I a mess. I had a good start with micro, regardless of the fact that my dumbass studied only the night before and the day of the exam, I got an A. big deal. I wish that was it with micro but no, I had my lab practical on Wednesday and yeah I didn’t get any sleep until the practical. During the practical, I sat across from my friend and midway into the exam, we both looked at each other and laughed at how ridiculously hard it was.   God saw it fit for me to pass the exam and that has to be the only reason I passed that exam with an A because I guessed my way through the entire thing. I might be exaggerating a bit but it was like nothing I’ve written before.

My school schedule is very flexible and I have classes on Mondays through Wednesdays. I scheduled my nutrition exam for Friday afternoon. I studied all Thursday and on Friday I had the worst morning and you know its bad because I can’t even talk about it. I went into the testing center and I totally messed up my exam. I was so bummed and I actually cried because I was so mad at myself. I am good now, thanks for asking. I am just a spoiled brat.

I wish school work was the only work I slacked on but yeah, it wasn’t. If you know me personally (you’re lucky, haha), or read my blogs, you know how much I love being an ambassador and blogging. For the first time, I missed a week’s blog and 2 ambassador duties. I had to work as an ambassador last week Tuesday and my brain which, lately, has been nothing but scrambled eggs, made me think I worked from 12:30-2:00pm instead of 10:30-12:30 even though I have a class at 12:45. I missed that event and I was pretty bummed by that. I went swimming that morning because I wanted to blow off steam and I really did think I was not working till much later. That morning, I felt a little daring and tried a stunt at the deep end of the pool. I lost my grip and started drowning, may I remind you that I am a beginner. I believe the only reason I didn’t drown is I had googles that kept water from going in my nose. I panicked and used up all my strength, I was terrified. My friend came and saved me from myself and I appreciate her. I am still a little scared of the water but I will be fine.

I am a mess and I can’t wait to be done with this semester. I am looking forward to spring break but not really because I have a ton of exams the week I come back. what I can’t wait for is summer vacation. never will I ever take a summer class by choice again. I am looking forward to sleeping, working and sleeping a little more. I can’t tell you 100 good stories but I guess I can tell you 5 boring stories about my bad 5 days. I am not proud of this post at all. I wish I could give you something better but I am having a brain fart and this is all I can come up with. Next week might be better. I suck, bye!