Bullying people these days seem to be easier than figuring out the first thing to put in a cereal bowl. In the light of the Jordyn/Tristan drama, I thought it would be the best time to talk about cyberbullying. If you’re on any social media, you must have stumbled upon the drama whether you wanted to or not. Honestly, I got tired of seeing it every time I opened social media, like why should we care but apparently, a lot of people did care. I stumbled upon a clip of Jordyn, on the facebook watch show, Red table talk, where she talked about how the trolling has affected both her lives and her family’s. Now I really don’t care about the drama but the level of dehumanization this young lady has faced in the past 2weeks is inhumane. Being a person that has suffered a backlash, (that wasn’t even on the internet, and was straight up high school bullying), I know how damaging this kind of things can be to one’s mental health.

I went to a boarding school and in the 9th grade I did something bad/ highly embarrassing, confessed to my friend (the person that was actually affected by the “bad” thing) because I thought/trusted her to forgive me and hopefully keep it to herself. I begged. She didn’t and actually told one other person, who told the entire school. oh God, I am going to cry. I cant. I can’t even think about that time without crying. Everyone I called friend turned their back and I was by myself. They bullied me so much I considered suicide. (don’t, suicide is never the answer). They made living so hard and almost impossible. I had zero friends and I feel like in a weird way I am scared of making friends now. Nobody should have to live like this. I am only here today because my school had nothing that was good enough to take my life. I hoped it would end but even on the night of my graduation from high school, someone in my class’ group chat brought it up and like it never ended, they started all over again but at the time, I had made better friends that convinced me that they were not worth anything, definitely not my life.

I can’t believe I am blogging about this and I am still trying to convince myself that I should not post this but I believe this will help you understand the effect that bullying of any sorts can have on people. I was 13 years old when this happened and today, I am 2 months shy of my 19th birthday and I am still crying thinking about it. I am forever scarred and I believe the fact that I can put this out to the world to read is progress. You don’t know a person’s level of vulnerability. They might be on the verge of ending their lives. Trust me, you do not want to be the person that sends a fellow human to the grave, so why not be the person that shows up, tells them how much you love them and help end bullying once and for all. I’m counting on you.

let’s be kind to one another because change doesn’t just happen, it starts with you. Remember suicide is never an option

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

 Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours every day