In the last post, I mentioned finding my balance but I did not talk about my present semester. That is because up until this week, I was overwhelmed by everything happening and for the first time, I can admit that I was slacking on my school work. I started the semester taking six classes (15 credits) while working part-time, peak registration at the enrollment services, and blogging. I had three online classes and three in-class classes. Now that I think about it, it was pretty dumb of me, considering the fact that it is my first time taking online classes. In my defense though, one of the online classes was blended, still insanely stupid Grace.

I tried, I really did but I just couldn’t. I had to let one thing go. I contemplated quitting my job, trust me I was really going to, especially when my friends kept hammering it in my head.  “like you gotta quit your job or something” umm sis I will starve. Moving on, I didn’t, instead, I decided to start studying but realistically, I had only so much time to study. I love science like to the bone, so I started with my online Biology class, I was so proud of myself that I was ahead and did my discussion posts and all my assignment a week before they were due. I felt a sense of relief there and moved onto the next. I started studying for microbiology and I was on top of that. I was proud of myself there too. I studied chemistry all in one week and I was relieved thinking I was done, well at least for that week. One problem though, I forgot about my sociology class, I mean I wouldn’t say I forgot but… Nah I’m not about to lie. I totally forgot until Sunday in church during praises, I texted my friends and asked if anything was due in sociology and they said a quiz was due at 11:59pm… THAT NIGHT. Never have I ever waited till the last minute to do my assignment… umm I guess I can’t say that anymore, CRAP.

I went home and immediately picked up my laptop to do the assignment. Sociology was my only non-science class, except swim but we will not get into that right now, and I don’t know what it was but I was not interested. I was supposed to read the powerpoint and I just could not understand.  I quit studying and went to the quiz, of course, I didn’t know anything on it so I went to quizlet to find the answers, never have I ever… oh forget it. I suck.  The following week came and I freaking did the same thing, studied for all my classes except sociology and that was it for me. I can be pretty impulsive sometimes, I mean have you met me. How do you think I have any apple product. I do things like buy expensive stuff and regret it later. I made up my mind to drop sociology and literally ran to enrollment services before I had the time to talk myself out of it. Oh crap, I dropped a class, never have I ever… ok stop that Grace! After dropping the class, I felt the most relieved I have since school started and I literally told everyone that would listen. I was happy. Now, I’m back on my feet. I feel ready to conquer this semester.

Enough about me, finding one’s balance in college is a key to success. At least it is the key to mine. I literally would not be able to think about anything else if I have things waiting to be done so I try to balance it out. We take on a lot as students and sometimes we forget about our wellbeing. If you have anything disrupting your balance between work and school, sis cut it off! I mean not like quit your job but work fewer hours. Did I mention I only work 13hrs/week at my job now? well, I did that. 24hrs is barely enough time at this point and I secretly pray for classes to get canceled just so I can go home to study. if that isn’t pathetic enough, I don’t know what is.

Finally, it’s the day of love! Happy Valentine’s day everyone. I love you for clicking on this post and coping with my miserable writing skills. I really appreciate it and for people that go out of their way to comment nice things, I see you and I love you!


p.s don’t you find it hilarious that I say “enough about me” and go on to talk about myself.  Just gotta love a narcissist.