Students walking by, people studying, exams rolling in… stop, stop, I’m serious, Stop! Take a step back, take a deep breath in and catch your breath. You did it! I hope you feel better because that is literally what is going on in my head and this is how I make it stop. Now back to normal scheduling. we did it, you guys.

In my last post, I highlighted all my achievement in this year and well… go read it. today, let’s talk about you. this semester started 3 months ago and for some of you, this is the end of your first semester or even better, the end of your last semester at CCBC. congratulations. you did it!

let’s think about this. I have 4 classes and in three of them, I have had at least 3 exams and have a final left. I am exhausted and if there is one thing that keeps me going, it is what my mom said to me a long long time ago. she said, no matter what you do in this life, you are always closer to the end than you are to the beginning so just suck it up. (not in those exact words) I say this to tell you that you might have a final in your class but think about all the exams, quizzes, papers, that you have had to go through in the course of the semester. it is so much more compared to one final, so go into that room like the boss you are and conquer this exam without a doubt in your mind.

I posted my first post to this site or at least made it public to the entire world on September 10, 2018. I posted it not knowing what to make of it. you stood with me and crushed all my doubts. wow! you did that, so if you think, for some very odd reason, that you didn’t accomplish anything this semester, I have news for you. You made a little girl’s dream, that she honestly did not know she had, come true and even more, you put the largest smile on her face and kept her strong through it all. You are my unicorn!

I posted my blog about giving Tuesday on November, 8,2018 and I used clickbait because I was so eager for people to read it. well, you did! and I appreciate you. I volunteered to accept donations from students for the pantry, and in all honesty, it was the hardest job I had to do as an ambassador. I had doubts. I thought there was no way we would make the goal and it broke my heart. Thankfully, we did not just meet the goal, we surpassed it and made $3,378.64 across all three campuses. I appreciate you and someday, someone eating a meal item from the pantry will thank you from the deepest part of their heart.

Ok enough. if you’re still reading, I’m done being all sappy. I mean thank you, but …(I’ll let you finish it). I have had not one but two exams this week and have all my finals scheduled for the same day and oh how can I forget, my TEAS (Nursing program) test scheduled a week after finals, so umm this is where I tell you to suck it up and stop feeling bad for yourself. You have come this far, what’s one more week. You will make it through finals week, except you have winter classes then I am truly sorry for you.

This is it, well not entirely it, but for a while. This is my last post for this semester, yup! you get me for another semester. Haha, sucks for you. I will be right here waiting for you the week of January 28, so umm stay alive. Have an amazing Christmas and an even more amazing new year’s. You deserve it. ok bye, wait! breath… I Love You.