Drop whatever you are doing right now and read this to the end. I typed that and thought, how redundant is that statement? I mean, I’m literally telling you to stop reading this just to tell you to read it. Ummm… yeah that’s how my mind works, I think of the most stupid random things sometimes, however, I do have my moments. Welcome to today’s blog!!!!

As you can probably tell, I am a little more excited about this one and that is because we have approached the time in the semester where the student life begins the process of recruiting students to be student leaders. This is especially exciting for me because this is the time that changed my life forever. Last semester, I worked at the bookstore as a temporary bookseller and I was let go as promised 🙁 haha. I can’t put how much I cried into words, all I can say is I cried during my first ever biology 110 test. Yeah, I know, how stupid. I was the most devastated, so my friend tried to help me by picking out a student’s life application form. I slipped it in my backpack and waddled around campus like a crybaby. Don’t blame me I was 17, I was still a BABY, I am still a BABY. Towards the end of the semester, my other friend,( I promise I have very few friends), picked up the form for herself and I remembered the one I slipped into my bag. I was working on my honors application at the time, so I thought “what’s one more, right?” I picked up a new form and fill it out, wrote the essay, and slipped it back into my backpack. I was not ready. I was too shy I guess. Of course, I missed the deadline but luckily for me, they extended it a week. I felt like it spoke to me so I submitted my form. I almost forgot about it when I got an email from the amazing Miss Lesley, student life coordinator, asking if I was still interested in the process and inviting me to the interview. At this time, I already got a part-time job at the bookstore as a cafe server, hello crybaby. The interview and training session was set to hold in Dundalk and omg the stress of not driving and the whole thing got me thinking. I replied to the email saying I was able to attend the interview but not the training because I was working. Y’all, I cannot explain how nice this lady is.

On the morning of the interview, I wanted to sleep in so bad but I messed up when I told my mum beforehand that I had an interview. She basically pulled me off the bed and into the bathroom. Yeah, mom, I was pretty upset, but I love you so much for pushing me to do this, even though you did not even consider giving me a ride. I got to the interview pretty upset and wanted nothing more than to be in bed snoring ( I do not snore!). it was a pretty different interview, nothing you expect I promise. I’ll leave the details out just so you can have your own experience rather than have mine cloud it. ok moving on, I got selected to be a student ambassador and was asked to show up to the training and despite the fact that I could only make one training, I was welcomed with the most warming hands. One thing I can say is the food was GREAT. As time went on, opportunities rolled by and I got to do what I never in a million years thought I would do, which is pretty much me talking about myself all day long. (haha, sorry not sorry still sorry 🙂 ).

I type all this to say, although I have my job at the cafe, the work I get to do as an ambassador is the most amazing college experience I’ve had thus far and I will miss it forever. My friends joke with me saying it feels like I know everyone in the school, which I feel like I do because of the opportunities this program has given me. I have met the most amazing people along the road and omg I even met the president of CCBC. That is wild! I get so sad thinking next semester might be my last semester as an ambassador and honestly I could cry. I am grateful for everyone that has helped me in this journey because you all have shaped me to be the best version of myself. Thank you, next! (leave a comment if you get the reference) but seriously, thank you.

Even if you never thought this was the thing for you or never pictured yourself in blue, orange or black shirts, it does not hurt to try it out, because if there is anything this experience has thought me it is, never say never. The student life is extending the same warm, affectionate hands to you, inviting you to pick up a form today and fill it out. I promise it is easier than binge-watching Grey’s anatomy or Stranger things. If anything, think about doing what you would absolutely fall in love with and getting paid for it. I cannot tell you how amazing the events I have attended has changed my life. I actually thought this semester would be impossible for me because of all the things I was juggling at the beginning, but guess what, I am still here, still thriving and if I can, you sure as hell can. So, if I were you right now, I would Click me to fill an online form at your convenience. The deadline to apply is November 30!

Here is a picture of me and some ambassador at my favorite event yet


I am probably biased (as I should be) because I am an ambassador but I tell you. You want to be an ambassador, I sense it, besides, it is the best one. You can also choose to be a mentor or student government. it is totally up to you but again, I recommend being an ambassador.