Hey Girllllllll,

By the time you’re reading this, it’s 2028 and you are 10 years older than you were at the time of writing this. Right now, you are a little bit over eighteen and in your sophomore year in college. You are trying to figure out your life and find your happiness. It all seems impossible but I know you will not give up. I want you to know its okay to try new things. It is okay to meet new people and most importantly, it is okay to be happy. I want you to know that the human you are today does not even compare to the person you once were. You are strong kind and important. This life has so much to offer you, so make the most out of it. You have a heart of gold and sometimes you let people take advantage of that. The way you never give up on the people you love is something you should never stop doing. You have come so far, do not let your fears and insecurities take over your world. Hopefully, by the time you see this, you have accomplished some of your goals. Once you put your mind to something, you are always determined to do it. Right now, you are torn between sticking to your current major forever or switching gears to become the Doctor you always wanted to be. I trust you chose the path you love the most and you put your fear of failing behind you. Maybe you’ll be married or not, have children or not, I trust you will be happy regardless. You’ll start your own traditions, living the best life with the people you love the most. Always put God first and never lose your faith. You deserve happiness and never let the small things upset you like they used to. If you get upset, I want you to take a step back and breathe. Cry a little or a lot because that’s who we are. Live in the moment and stop trying to plan everything out. I don’t know how you’ve done it. You have been through a lot but you always push through and find a way to smile, So next time you are faced with a battle, be strong and if you fall, always pick yourself back up. You deserve the world, so do not settle for anything less. I know you doubt this but sweetheart, you are smart and I want you to never forget that. Do not let it get to your head either. Remember to never care what people think of you or what you do. You are your own person and do not compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique and beautiful in your own ways, so never stop loving yourself. Never stop being that crazy, yet funny girl that everyone loves and hates. Your younger self is currently sitting on her bed typing this letter to you in hopes of one day becoming one of the greatest bosses yet. I really hope you make me proud. When it comes to friends in your life, I am really curious to see who they will be. Friends come and go, so I am interested to see who will still be there and who will still call me and ask to go to brunch on Sunday. I have the utmost faith in you that you will become something amazing. I hope you realize that you are not getting any younger, I mean you are freaking 28. That’s old missy. Life is too short, so do not forget to give back. Speaking of short, go give mummy a hug and make sure to call family every day. Oh, honey, I hope you find happiness. Lastly, I hope you finally changed your first name back to Dammy. You always loved that name. I love you forever.