It is no news that progress grades are up but it all comes down to what and how to feel about the grades. I remember my first midterms at CCBC. I was taking non-credit courses and a 1 credit course, ACDV, at the time. I did not know how to study for my ACDV class but I studied regardless. Midterms rolled by and I felt the most prepared. My progress grade followed and I got A’s in all my non-credit classes and a B in my ACDV class. In my head, I thought my credit class would compensate for the fact that I had to take non-credit classes and I got a B? Truth is, I cried (a lot). I thought there was no way for me to get the grade I actually wanted. I thought it was over but it wasn’t.

Progress grades are what y0u make of it. They might be temporary but they can also remain the same.  It is there for you to determine how much more work you need to put in to get the grade you really want or to keep doing what you’re doing to retain the grade you already have. If you got A’s in all your classes, yay! keep it, but do not think it will go on your transcript if you don’t continue to put in the work. If you got anything less than an A, count yourself lucky because you have a chance to get the grade you really want and you have something to motivate you to do so. You are not dumb, you just have not found what works for you. Try new things, find your study skill and you will be excellent.

In conclusion, I guess the question is; to do better or to remain the same. it all comes down to what you want. Remember, hard work ALWAYS pays off. Write down the grades you wish to get at the end of this semester and work towards that, and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

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