Can you imagine a life without emergencies? That would be pleasant, wouldn’t it? But, because emergencies are inevitable and cannot be forseen, CCBC has put together a team of wonderful people to help students get through challenging times. They help students navigate through their challenges so that they still have the opportunity to succeed in school despite what they may be going through.

We never know the significance of what we possess until it’s gone. Losing one’s shelter can be very detrimental to the pursuit of one’s education. A person would lose space to do assignments, study and even sleep. They’ll lose their peace of mind. However, the success navigators can provide housing information that’ll help students secure temporary shelter until they find something permanent. Food is needed to perform various functions in your body and you can probably do without food for a day but staying without food for over a day would cause a lot of pain and lack of concentration in class. The success Navigators can help students that have REAL food problems by assisting them with food stamps, and helping them find the confidence to access CCBC’s food pantry.

In my last post, I mentioned that the success Navigators can help people with mental illness by providing resources that assist people. Sadly, they are no longer authorized to give direct counseling to students however, the good news is they can refer students to meet with REAL life psychiatrists. I know… so cool, right?

To add to that, they also help students with car emergencies and general transportation issues. They give information about how to get discounted bus passes, so be sure to go to them if you need a way to get to school. I would like to add that this is not a charity home and they do not just give out money without valid reasons to. This is because they cannot afford to give every single person money but they try their best to provide any kind of assistance. If you have a problem that is bothering you and are not sure they will be able to help you, just go in faith that they will and who knows. They might just have the help you need. if you just need someone to talk to, they are always available to talk to you. Remember, you can always seek help for your friend if they are too afraid to go themselves.


Get Help:

Campus Navigator Location Phone Number
Catonsville Heather Griner


Student Services Center

Room 166E

Catonsville Adam Melfa Student Services Center

Room 166D

Catonsville Faye Bradstock Student Services Center

Room 166D

Dundalk Thomas Dolan College Community Center

Room 204

Essex Alita Credell Student Services Center

Room 103B

Essex Kelly Angelos Student Services Center

Room 103B


Finally, I know its midterms week and everyone is worked up. I just want to remind YOU to breathe and go for help if you need it because your health and wellbeing should always come first.