Do you ever just sit down and remember everyone has their own separate lives and stories? Or that the decisions you make impact your life greatly. What if you woke up one morning and decided to wear your favorite anime t-shirt today, because of that some random person decides to compliment you and you guys start having a one on one conversation on art styles and plots. That’s how you met your best friend. From there your entire storyline develops because you start spending time with your bestie and you decide to go place and have fun, making lots of memories. What if you didn’t wear that shirt that day what are the odds you would’ve ever met them. Life is so short and full of surprises. To think we could even control what happens to us is absurd. I have been pondering on these thoughts a lot thinking what if I missed an opportunity to enhance my life, what if my bestie walked away from me because I was too caught up in a moment. This makes me remember a quote which said stop ruining good memories by being sad. I can’t exactly remember who it was by but I know that it’s a quote I live by to this day and although I know its okay to feel down and out of it but life goes on. Sometimes we all don’t have a purpose or see our future clearly, we make mistakes and we get up again.

I just wanted to tell you guys this and also link this song I been listening to for a bit now – Lorde – Mood Ring – YouTube

Less than two months left for the semester! Hang in there champs!