Have you ever heard that black cats are bad luck or don’t walk under a ladder or on a side walk crack, these are all very common superstitions but do you ever wonder what’s the limit or where’s the end? Superstitions are said to be passed down generations as they been heard and personally I think people just say them to add a little fear or excitement to on another’s lives or it is very coincidental. But who knows they could be real. Here are some superstitions I have heard from a small country on the northern part of South America called Guyana. Let me just warn you almost all of these are pretty absurd and not in any way true.

  1. Don’t leave your hair open in the night

Legend says (actually my grandma) that if you leave your hair open in the night after 6:00 PM ghosts and spirits will hold on to it and they make you hair fall off.

  1. Don’t walk or jump over a broom you won’t get married

If you walk on or hop over a broom or even have you feet swept by a broom you won’t get married and if you do it will be very late on in your life.

  1. Don’t sweep the house late at night

If you sweep late it brings bad luck, so no cleaning done after 6:00 PM.

  1. Don’t cut your nails in the house

If you cut your nails in the house and you left the nail clippings on the floor someone will die in your family soon.

I know that’s pretty extreme I guess they just wanted you to clean up after yourself lol.

  1. If you drop a spoon or a fork you’ll see a guest

If someone drops a spoon or a fork on the floor it is a sign for an unexpected guest.


Well, that’s all I have for today folks, if you’d like to hear more do comment down below, I appreciate feedback. Stay healthy and hungry, for success ofcourse.