Hey guys! I realized being caught up in a pandemic has made us feel like it’s okay as a college student to just carry on with our lives like normal. Well I am here to tell you it is not normal, we thought that staying home behind our screens was a good thing because of how much work we can get done but, have we really thought of the toll it takes on our minds and bodies? I recently was in an event hosted by Stephanie Briggs under the Community Book Connection and she opened my eyes to realizing how important rest is.

As college students we think of getting so much done in such little time but how often do we focus on our well being? One might say how do I with such a packed schedule? Well that’s why I’m here to tell you some relaxation techniques all college students need to know especially if you have a full schedule.

1.10 minute yoga

I usually do this 10 minute yoga by Kassandra before my workouts or if I want to wake up feeling less tired. I like that it’s 10 minutes because I usually have lots of stuff to do in the morning.

2. Journaling

I have heard numerous benefits of journaling such as self reflecting, personal improvement and much more. You don’t have to write a lot just try to focus on things such as what you are grateful for today or what made you happy!

3. Skin care routine

By doing skin care techniques it can make you more relaxed such as facial massages like gua sha facials or facial rolling and no I don’t mean like the extreme skin care routine that Cassie did in Euphoria lol. Just a short facial or moisturizing in these cold times.

4. Listening to classical music

I recently tried listening to classical music I really like as soon as a I wake up and it made me feel excited for the day. I personally like listening to these: Studio Ghibli Songs Piano Pieces

Honestly, you can try any type of music you like but I feel like classical music hits a different part of me.


If you want try one of these on mornings before class or as soon as you get up and comment how you feel after or if you felt a change during the day. Thank you guys for reading my blog. I really hope you stay motivated with these tips! Kind reminder: The results of all your hard work is worth it.