I received an email that said a brutal time in my career and it made me think why not write a blog about that. I know I haven’t been very consistent with my posts and it’s because of the time in my life. Being a college student I have a great desire to be successful and be open to new opportunities and changes, it feels like so much is going around in so little time and just like that *poof*, it’s gone. Why I feel like this is a brutal time in my career because I have started something up, I made a decision and I am going along with it and that decision was coming to college and pursuing a career in Nursing. I can’t imagine making a mistake right now or thinking I should change my major because I am right in the middle of it and I have a better understanding when most students ask me how do you get motivated or how do you keep that drive that you dived in with into this pathway? Well, honestly it’s hard. Changing pathways is perfectly fine but when you’re already so far it’s just better to get it done with. Not only motivation-wise and decision-wise but balancing both school and work since you have to pay your bills and stay financially stable. CCBC has helped me do both of these and let me tell you how. Not only have I been helped financially by coming here but being a student ambassador helped me stay on track and not be too introverted. The support system I get from my supervisor and the number of new faces I’ve seen really changed my life. I feel like the better version of myself learning how to be a good peer educator and even how I should carry myself knowing I am me. You could possibly have the same experience if you just give yourself the chance.

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Stay safe and hope you guys are freshened up and ready to tackle these last weeks of the semester!