Are you failing exams and wanting to giving up? Please don’t. Remember no pain no gain. That being said let’s start off today’s blog with some good studying habits to ensure a good grade on your exams.


  1. Learn a little everyday and make it second nature

Starting to study early is the greatest approach to do well on an exam, and these regular practices can help you obtain the A’s you desire! Homework isn’t meant to be a punishment (though it can feel that way almost ALL the time), but rather to prepare you for challenges you might encounter on exams. Many professors give optional homework, which may or may not contain problems that will appear on your test! Even if they don’t, performing homework problems every day will make them feel second nature after a few days, and by the time your exam arrives, you’ll be familiar enough with the subject to apply it to the test problems. If your professor hasn’t given you any homework, go to office hours and ask if they can recommend any good problems for you to practice on. You might gain an advantage over your peers or even show your professor how interested you are in the class.

I almost always study the night before the exam which is such a bad habit and can even cause a panic attack because of all the stress so if you’re reading this blog start studying NOW for your finals it’s not too late, in fact it’s never too late.


  1. Go over your notes you were confused about

It doesn’t make sense to go over material you already know and mastered when it comes to studying for an exam, instead of going over 20 pages a day, figure out which areas you’re having trouble with and concentrate on them. After my primary notes, I like to rework certain portions and repeat the process till I’m satisfied with everything! If revising isn’t your thing, you may also put a star next to each difficult portion.


  1. Do stuff that motivates you to study

When it comes to studying I love using mnemonics and songs. It just makes studying so much better and more fun. I remember I learned the points on a compass from the saying “Not Everyone Smokes Weed” meaning “North East South West” which I remember to this day. If these don’t work and you still find yourself dreading writing notes and study guides on paper, try getting some fun stationery! My friend named Pariya loves stationary and claims it helps her to study. Or make flashcards and questions to test yourself on the material. I also used to use this trick I saw on YouTube where I would have a certain scented item when I’m studying and use it again when I’m actually taking the test to have my brain retain more information but who knows if it ACTUALLY works.


If you magically just memorized 50 PowerPoint slides after studying right after this blog, you’re welcome :] I’m kidding but do remember it’s all about mindset.

Well that’s all for today my amazing readers! Keep focusing on your goals and never give up. You got this!