At this point you probably are totally lost, unsure or haven’t decided what you want to major in.

Deciding your major is a BIG deal it shapes your future and this simple choice can determine the type of people you’ll be associated with and give you an insight into your future.

Keep in mind, I am not trying to say someone should decide your major for you, nobody knows you as well as you know yourself.

Trust me when I tell you I have been in so many weird situations since I was young on what I wanted to be unlike people who grew up in just one field and pursues that career. When I was really young I wanted to be a teacher because they seemed so amazing to me but as I got older and ended high school, though I was in the science field I was super creative I wrote many short stories, poems and created many arts both digitally and physically. My mom also got me into theatre and classical Indian dancing which was SO much fun. My mind was set on being a graphic designer so I could explore my talents. Unfortunately having a conservative family, I was labelled a future doctor and was forced to go into the medical field.

As I got used to science I had a special spot for Biology so my current major is Nursing and I still do continue to do art a little bit. In class I learnt that I love exploring the insides of a human and since I love interacting with people this major is perfect for me.

I feel secure in my field and at first I did take those tests where you try to reveal what major would be perfect for you and of course I got an Art major because who doesn’t like art! But piece of advice is just choose a subject that you’re strong in and singles you out like, are you really good at Math and like Chemistry you can be an Engineering major, or are you into technology and love learning how to code, a Computer Science major is for you, the list goes on. It may seem like lots of hard work but in the end the pay is worth it (being blatantly honest).

Just keep your goal in mind and what you dream you can achieve.