Well well well, if it isn’t a fellow introvert seeking help to find “their kind’ on campus. Just kidding, I got you.

When I first started college I had 0 friends I made jokes about leaving my shoes untied for purposely dropping my books on the floor for someone to talk to me and we could end up besties for life.

Now in my 2nd semester, I have found some of the weirdest most unique people out there, and since CCBC has such great diversity you can too.

It is VERY hard to approach someone at school so that’s why I’m giving you guys a literal ‘how to’ on making not just friends but quality friends on campus.

Before I begin, I’m not a professional though I’ve done two psychology classes I do have a little experience when it comes to talking to people because I have worked at several events for Student Life here at CCBC.


  1. Compliment someone but don’t be creepy

My line is usually “Oh my god I love your shirt” if they merch of some sort on that you like and you could also wear merch that you like you may attract people who like it to and that is a great conversation starter.

  1. Ask someone what their major is

This is the most common conversation starter in college because if you guys have a common major you definitely have loads to talk about.

  1. Greet people

A simple “Morning” or “bye” could make you seem more approachable and if the other person is feeling it there could be a conversation right after that.

  1. Ask questions

If you’re legit lost and need help ask anyone around you for help, you never know what could happen.

  1. Don’t pack your schedule

Have some free time and hang out in places with a lot of people, you may make new friends!


These pointers may seem straightforward, but I have recently realized how important it is to connect with people. What’s even scarier is that the people you associate yourself with can determine your future and the odds of you having different paths in your life is so likely! I will write more about this in my next blog, but that is all I have for you guys today. Stay safe champs and don’t forget to share this with your fellow introverts!