Student life is seeking for new student leaders for spring 2021!!! I feel like not many students know about student life if this is their first semester at CCBC because of this wacky semester we are having. There is no way I would have found out about student life if it wasn’t for all the events they had out in the quads and the little information tables they always had set up. I feel like student life has tried there hardest to reach out to students via zoom events, but it’s just not the same.

What is student life?

As stated by our own leaders it is an, “ educational experiences that foster civic engagement, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, community involvement and co-curricular activities.” In other words you’re helping out the community, gaining leadership skills, meeting all sorts of people, and doing fun things!

How do I apply?

You can either print out an application at,

And bring it in to the student life office at your local campus.

But since covid is a thing and we should practice social distancing I would highly recommend doing the application online at,

What are the benefits?

You earn money by the amount of hours you work in a tuition compensation at the end of the semester! Which you could use to pay for classes, books, or choose to do direct deposit And you can use the money in whatever way you like!!!!

You get to meet new people and make friendships which is always amazing!

You’re involved and in the loop of things. you can always help out students that need some guidance like where to go for specific things.

Building your resume and gaining leadership skills.

What would I do if I join?

Well, student life is broken down into three different groups which I’ll list and explain.

Ambassadors: That’s what I Am!!!! That’s what I always tell people to be!! I’ve been an ambassador since spring 2019 and I don’t regret my choice. We get to help out at campus events, set up, give tours to new coming students. If you have another job and do school and wanna do this I feel like ambassador hours are very flexible because you get to pick your schedule and work the events you like and you get to be with Mrs. Lesley 🙂

FYE mentors: First year experience mentors help out with, you guessed it, first year students. They guide new students in this new transition into becoming a college student which isn’t always easy. They attend ACDV101 classes, have office hours, and orientation.

SGA: Student government association is your classic SGA that you’ve seen throughout grade school. They listen to student concerns and take matters into their own hands and try to get things figured out.

Guys, in all honesty if I wouldn’t have joined student life my CCBC experience would have not been the same. I didn’t have many friends my first semester here at CCBC, but my second semester when I became a student life ambassador I met so many new kind hearted people and had new found friendships 🥺. I’ve been able to work on my fear of speaking in public and I feel I’ve just grown into an adult with leadership skills. Student life is like a family at ccbc and it’s just an experience I will never forget.