Hey guys, this week I just wanted to talk about how much I miss campus events. I miss life before covid, I know personally, I am tired of hearing about covid but this month I’ve just been missing regular life. It’s mid October and it doesn’t feel like it. I miss in-person contact on campus. I miss the free chicken tenders, pizza, tacos, ice cream, etc CCBC kindly provided at some events. I remember last fall semester I worked a cultural event at Dundalk and they gave out Chicken Rico. Not only was the food good, but hearing different student’s experiences will always resonate with me. Those were my favorite kind of events to work at because I never really knew what to expect and they always taught me something different which I always was up for. Taking the shuttle for different reasons to all three campuses while listening to music staring out of the window is something I am looking forward to at some point in life again. I’ve heard there’s a surge coming soon to Maryland and I am really not sure how that will affect us again. I never would have thought life could end up like this. Even though people are sorta getting back to their regular lifestyles, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Which I hope will go away by at least this spring. Anyways, I’ll stop being mopey for now and just keep things moving.