Oh, summer. The beautiful three short month season of summer. I mean what’s not to love? It’s a beautiful feeling, many associate it with love and others with unforgettable memories with family and friends. Like I learned in my AP 11 English class, it’s a common season to symbolize youth, love, and infinite power. I’d say all those things I mentioned sound very much like those summery books/movies you’ve ever read or seen. But for me, I am what many would call a fish out of water. I know that when the temperatures hit above 87 and the sun is out I want to be in the water. May that be swimming, tubing, hiking, or just sitting by the water. I occasionally enjoy tanning but not so much because skin cancer IS REAL GUYS!

Just your regular b-day cake and samples in the background freshly baked at Yia Yia’s 😉

This summer for me consisted of working at a local bakery called Yia Yia’s, which I’m accustomed to because I’ve been doing it every summer since 2016. I wrote on cakes, got to work with a couple of friends, made sandwiches/salads, and ate an excessive amount of tres leches cake (IT WAS WORTH IT). So far from what you’ve read, you’d say, “mhm a typical college student life” and YES you are very correct. I took a 5-week online summer class and it was hands down one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at CCBC, it made me wish I would’ve taken it in lecture format. The class was sociology 141 Racial and Cultural minorities with the wonderful professor Washington. Anything I learned, read, or researched I spent sharing in casual conversation when the topics came up or when I learned mind-blowing stuff. The class truly changed my perspective and understanding of racism and how it is a constructed idea. If you’re looking for an elective to take I would recommend socl141. From that class I also learned that when you’re really intrigued by the content being taught to you, the learning experience is so much better. Instead of having the mentality of “ ugh!!! I don’t feel like doing this” consider being interested in the topic you are being taught throughout the whole semester. It’s unique, in a sense. You have this acquired knowledge on a specific topic and you can teach somebody something. Knowledge is power and I am here for it!

I also must tell you guys that I watched a 2017 documentary called Mosquito by director Su Rynard and it frankly scared me. Can you believe a 3-6-millimeter mosquito can bite you and cause irreversible health defects to your unborn baby’s life (if you are pregnant) or make you sick? The thought is absurd and so real. The documentary focused on the Zika virus and how its spreading all over the world even places they’ve never seen such thing like here in the U.S.A. This documentary made me go out and buy bug spray. Mosquitos love grassy wet areas and I love being outside near places mosquitos like to lay their eggs on. I kept the bug spray in my car because you never know when you’ll need it. The anatomy of a mosquito is so fascinating but they are sneaky silent insects! Ugh, if only our blood didn’t taste so good to them we would be fine. But not even mosquitoes could keep me away from swimming this summer. They’re part of nature and eventually, I started to forget and didn’t mind them.

In the blink of an eye, it was already August 25, 2019. Another day, another semester. Time is moving so fast and I truly don’t know how to feel about it. It feels like it was not too long ago I was in middle school trying to figure out what lunchbox to get and now I’m starting my third semester at CCBC. I’m excited for what the future holds, but for now; go to tutoring if you feel lost, ask questions, and just try to learn something new every day.