To be honest, this past week was EXHAUSTING for me. I had a debate in one class, a unit exam in another, and my late-start course started on Wednesday. I was so stressed, but again, I’m in college so being stressed is the norm— Nah, just kidding. Or am I? 👀 Anyway, of course we’re going to have times like these in college. To cope with it, I just give myself some time to destress, and one way I do that is by watching some of my comfort movies. As a feeler personality (E/INFJ here!), when I’m stressed, I like to watch movies that make me cry, wholesome movies, classics, and sometimes thrillers just to get my mind off anything that’s stressing me. Without further ado, here are my top 8 comfort movies:

From the movie Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

  • Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless MindOne of my favorites! If you like a good doomed romance movie, this one’s for you! Warning: You might think about the movie for weeks. It’s one that’s hard to forget.


  • Kimi no Na wa – Also known as Your Name. This was where Makoto Shinkai really gained fame. This anime movie will make you cry, laugh, and be amazed. The storyline is a 10/10.


  • Studio Ghibli movies – I love Studio Ghibli movies! They’re wholesome, beautiful, and some will make you cry. I actually had a phase wherein I’d watch just Studio Ghibli movies every time I was stressing over something in high school. Some of my faves under Studio Ghibli are Grave of the Fireflies and Spirited Away.


  • Mean Girls A classic. I don’t even have to explain. It’s funny, dramatic, and iconic.


  • 500 Days of Summer – Ever since I first saw this movie, I’ve been watching it repeatedly. It can be funny, but in a way, it’s also pretty realistic? It’s honest and I love it for that.


  • Perks of Being a Wallflower – Okay, hear me out. It’s not exactly the lightest movie, but it’s so good. It has a special part in my heart. The tunnel scene always makes me smile.


  • Tangled – Cliche pick you might think but Tangled is certainly one of those feel-good movies. Also, Flynn Rider was my childhood crush so…..that’s a plus.


  • The Half of It – This movie made me smile a lot. A great choice if you want something funny and wholesome.


Well, that’s my top 8…for now. I love movies so you might see a lot more posts like these. Remember, don’t forget to watch these movies responsibly! Also, happy birthday to Claude Cahun! I don’t know them, but Google posted that they’re a person who challenged the gender and sexuality norms that existed in the early 1900s, and I love that. Anyway, have a great week, CCBC people! 🙂


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