Spring break is already starting tomorrow! While some may be going on trips, others may have to stay at home. Either way, these two weeks should be about self-care, doing what you love, and taking some time off.

5 Self-Care Activities for Spring Break

  1. Get some sleep
    – Let’s be honest, when we’re busy with schoolwork, we tend to miss out on sleep. Because of this, getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night is a great way to spend your time over the break!
  2. Hang out with Friends
    – Hanging out with friends is destressing and revitalizing. Go bowling, eat at a café, or go shopping!
  3. Watch a movie or a series
    – This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but watching movies or tv shows, whether it be a funny movie or a horror one, has always been one of my top self-care practices.
  4. Engage in exercise!
    – Exercise has been proven to improve sleep and mood. Over the break, this is something I hope to be consistent with.
  5. Go outside!
    – Breathe some fresh air, bathe in sunlight, or visit a park or a nearby beach (if there are any)! It’s refreshing, restoring, and relaxing.

By Alice Socal. Retrieved from GIPHY.

Retrieved from GIPHY. By Alice Socal.

Anyway, have a great spring break, everyone, and see you again in two weeks!