As they say, who you follow on social media matters. The content you see and digest every single day matters as those are the things that may inform you, inspire you, or affect your perspective one way or another. As a CCBC student, I have my share of favorite CCBC-based Instagram accounts that inform me about the institution, inspire me, and widen my perspective.

CCBC’s Main Instagram Account – @ccbcmd

  • The community college’s main Instagram account brings to you so many updates on our school’s achievements, events, and programs. Sometimes, they even share blogs made by their students! I’m proud to say they did share one of my blog entries once. 😉

CCBC Student Life – @ccbcstudentlife

  • CCBC Student Life’s Instagram account has a great and personal student life feel to it with student leaders sharing their life as CCBC students from time to time. The account also shares many on-campus and virtual events available to students. If you want to stay up to date with these events and be more involved with student life in the college, definitely give them a follow!

CCBC Transfer – @ccbctransfer

  • Many people at the college have a goal to transfer to a four-year university and this CCBC-based account is a great resource for aspiring transfer students. The account promotes numerous transfer fairs and informational transfer events, and shares super essential transfer tips!

Good School – @goodschoolpod

  • I don’t think you understand how much I love this account! Led by CCBC students, this account looks at the complexities of higher education. There you can find CCBC students’ thoughts on what makes a good professor, their challenges, and many more! You can even find great quotes from interviews conducted by Good School and interactive quizzes that bring community college awareness.

Now, what are some of YOUR favorite CCBC-based Instagram accounts? Comment below!