Why the MBTI Personality Test Is as Useful as Astrology


So are you an idealistic INFJ? An innovative and independent INTJ? or are you a fun-loving ESFP? If you’ve heard of these personality types, you’ve also probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator— the test where you’re indicated as either an introvert (I) or an extrovert (E), sensing (S) or intuitive (N) personality, feeler (F) or thinker (T), and perceiving type (P) or judging type (J) when it comes to decision-making.

Here’s a short test to see what your MBTI personality type might be:

  1. Where do you naturally get your energy?
    + If you get it from other people and the outer world, you’re most likely an extrovert (E)!
    + On the other hand, if you’re more like me and get energy from your inner world, introspections, and your thoughts— introvert (I).
  2. How do you learn?
    + Are you more of a sensory, small details, and step-by-step learner?  If so, you’re probably a sensing (S) personality.
    + If you’re someone who likes to look at the big picture and certain themes before proceeding to connect the small details, you’re an intuitive (N) personality.
  3. How do you make decisions?
    + Are you the type who carefully weighs pros and cons before making a decision, looking at most things objectively? Definitely a thinker (T).
    + Is making sure how other people feel a factor in your decision-making process? Are you more driven by passion when it comes to decisions? Feeler personality (F)!
  4. How do you organize your life?
    + If you’re a go-with-the-flow type of person who prefers having flexibility in their life, you may be a perceiving personality (P).
    + If you like things to have more structure and usually like to plan out your day and stick to it, like me, you’re a judging personality (J).

I’ve taken this test numerous times throughout my life and I almost always got typed as an INFJ. Sometimes, an INTJ or ENFJ. I always found it interesting even though it’s not entirely scientifically supported, and thought I would share it with you all! I always thought it was a fun way to get to know people and myself a little more especially since my results resonated with me.

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When taking the test, especially if you’ve already taken it and understood what each letter meant, you’ll actually start to know which responses would lead to what type. Something to remember is that these types of tests should be taken with a grain of salt as we can’t just be summarized into four letters. We’re more complex than that. We can even be both letters at once! Feel free to just take what you think resonates with you and apply it to your life if you think it’s necessary.

Another great place to take the test is through this link. Within 10 minutes, you’ll already have a better description of your personality type. Let me know in the comments what your results were and if you thought they fit you! 🙂

Glad to be back writing after I finished all my transfer applications! See you next week!