We are in the third week of fall semester and many of you must have started off on homework, assignments and wondering, “is this the right course for me?”

In our enthusiasm to register for classes, based on major and interest, we sometimes give in to what our friends suggest or are doing. But than, that’s the interesting part of going to college.

Certainties and uncertainties – they keep the entire semester spiced up.

A few days from now, it will all be normal routine and while most of us will start planning for some kind of weekend getaway, others will be preparing for midterms, while the rest will be multi-tasking between books, work, family and activities.

Mid-terms or finals seem to be weeks away, but occasionally creep up on us, taking us unaware. So make sure that your schedules are in place, pinned right where it’s clearly visible and strike out each item as and when completed. End of semester, your nicely crossed out calendar will reflect your achievement. Give a pat on your back at that moment and tell yourself, “I did it”.

To all the new and returning students, keep an eye out for blogs and various activities / events coming up on all the campuses. Join the ambassadors, mentors, professors and other faculty members to make this not just a studious semester but enjoyable as well.

A lot more coming out next week…….keep watching and reading….