Some random thoughts just before the finals…….

……..all the best everyone…. we got this……

Hey there….who said life is simple…we are living in a world where we conjure up things and than believe in them……life is simple if we want it too….we, on the other hand are complicated creatures, presumptuous, bringing various twists and turns and turmoil in our life….. and the same may go for my stories, which for some will be as complicated as themselves or even moi…..

Anyways, end result; simple things come with heavy baggage. At least that’s what I thought, till realization hit, like a club on my head. Did not think it would hurt, but it did. You learn while growing up, but sometimes you just never grow up.

Year after year, seasons come and go, the cycle continues and yet there are seasons, which are not the same. Similarly, how can we expect our lives to be the same year after year? Changes are inevitable, changes made by nature or just by us.

We live because we have to live. Do we give it a second thought as to why and for what are we living. We need to untie the ropes, free ourselves and live for our purpose. Each one of us has been granted a beautiful soul, take it for granted and cherish it, enjoy it. Don’t destroy the now while waiting for tomorrow, as tomorrow never does come, does it? It’s always today, while yesterday, the past is gone, never to return.