What does a train remind you of??? Speed, excitement of travel, going places. Has anyone ever wondered how trains move so smooth and effortlessly, taking people to various destinations. Making sure to stop at different stations to on-load and off-load passengers, without any thought, except to go on and on and on.

The train master controls how a train operates; and on a deeper thought, we realize that we have our own built-in train master that controls us. Going places to discover and explore, sailing through our daily routine that we complete without even blinking an eye.

The thought of being my own conductor dawned upon me while driving to school, for night classes. Passing Owings Mills Metro, I saw the train and felt that the speed of my car seemed to match the speed of the train, which, of course is highly doubtful. I wondered there for a moment, the train’s thoughts on its daily life. Do they get bored or do they enjoy all the humdrum that goes on inside. Listening to all the gossips, different languages, some of the passengers sleeping on their way to the next job. So what does a train think? Do they think like us?

School life has also become a journey for most of us. Although some see it as an obligation towards their parents to complete their studies, while others are centered towards a particular goal, ignoring everything else in their path that can give further insight to life and it’s journeys. Unlike the train, which leaves and arrives at the same destination, life is different.

We start off with a dream; change our paths on the way from school to college, and while doing so, have to watch out for all the colors and life around us. You never know where they might lead you.

Even now when I pass a smiling train on its way to pick and drop, I try not to race with it as it’s journey is surely different then mine, but then is it??

Ponder on these for a few days and we will get back with clarifications or maybe more questions……to be continued…