We are living in a world where it’s ingrained in us to go through the same norms as our elders did. We are not being ourselves nor do we release from within who we really are, unable to express the true meaning of life or passion that is just waiting to come out and explore the world.


That’s when I say, be unbeatable. Unleash the potential that lies within, to be attained by the numerous resources we have throughout the world. Resources that are pulling us towards them, resources like:




Yes, it’s education that can lead us to the top grid in our lives, help us achieve what we wish for. Going forward, marching alongside with our heads held high as we accomplish something, become someone, not for anyone but for ourselves.


There are no mistakes for you will trip and fall, but it’s up to you to get up and face the challenge head-on ….if anyone tells you, “You cannot do it”, go ahead and prove them wrong for we all have the potential to carry our own burden and lighten them too. We might be different but in reality, we are all the same. Use the little cells in your brain and see the miracle happen….thus…


Be unbeatable

         There will be those who protest; stand in your way; try to sway you. You are who you are and it’s you who can make the changes by allowing or not allowing the positives or negatives in your lives. No one is perfect and time will pass. It’s how you utilize this time unto perfection is your own secret. Put yourself first, as you deserve more. Set boundaries on what’s good and what’s not and say “No” when necessary.

Be you, accept yourself – the good, the better and the best.

So, who are you choosing to be for your choice is what matters – as that choice will map the rest of your life, your legacy, your history……