I’m in my second year of studying functional nutrition and they teach us to just put yourself out there. The founder of the school is always saying to her students ” You have enough information, don’t wait for the certification” I took that advice and it was a good one

Last week, I teamed up with Dr. Patricia Quintero-Hall and we ran an online session with CCBC students and faculties. This virtual event was hosted by CCBC’s college-wide Community Book Program. This was a great opportunity for me to share what I learned at my nutrition school and practice for my future career. After one year of learning all about healthy food and healthy  lifestyle,  I finally got the courage to put myself out there and share my knowledge.

I talked about the gut brain connection and how our brains can help our digestion. Digestion begins in the brain. By just thinking about food, our brain sends messages to the digestive system to warm up the engine and activate enzymes secretion. It also activates the secretion of  hydrochloric acid in the stomach. All of this is needed for healthy digestion.

Singing and humming are two ways to activate the nerve that connects the gut with the brain ( the Vagus nerve) . This means if you are someone who sings a lot, most likely you have a good digestion. So sing people.. just sing! That’s exactly what I did at the end of the session. Yes, I sang to everyone as a small treat for coming to this special event.

I’m honored to be working with Dr.Patricia, Dr. Kim and the rest of the CCBC  Community Book Program team. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future

Until next time my friends,