I had the honor of attending the CCBC Crab Feast last week. I was invited by the CCBC Alumni Association who hosts this event every year. It benefits CCBC student scholarships and programs. The Alumni Association managed to keep this CCBC tradition, despite the challenges due to the pandemic. This was the second time the Crab Feast was virtual, and the people loved it!

When I arrived at the event, I was so amazed at how well organized it was. People were able to pick up the food they ordered in a timely fashion. Weeks before the event, people were given the option to choose the time they can come to pick up their order. That way, no one had to wait that long and they could take their food home to enjoy with their families. Then they can watch the event virtually on Facebook from the comfort of their homes.



I had the pleasure to meet the Alumni Association Board Members. They are wonderful people who graduated from CCBC and decided to give back to the college they love. Members bring their children who are CCBC graduates too. Some of them are staff members who decided to work at CCBC to keep giving back to this amazing place. They work to organize different events that help raise money for student scholarships and programs. The same scholarships that they were awarded when they were CCBC students.  Such a great loyalty and generosity these members have inspired me to become one of them one day.

The event had generous sponsors who helped raise more money. I had the honor to meet them. They received a special gift from the Alumni Association for their effort and generosity. I’d like to highlight one of the sponsors who happened to be a dear friend of mine. Tonya is a board member as well as a sponsor for this event. Tonya is a very successful woman who has a big and a generous heart. She inspires me every time I see her when she tells me about her experiences, whether it’s a new place she traveled to or a new business she opened or partnered with, her experiences are always inspiring me. While she was busy being successful, she never forgot about the place where it all started for her success. She kept giving back to CCBC.


The generosity doesn’t stop there, there were raffle tickets and cool gifts too. While people were eating and enjoying their food at home, they were watching the live show and the raffle tickets drawing. It’s like this event keeps giving. Speaking of giving, while the board members and the volunteers were helping people pick up their food, there was a man who was passing by and he looked hungry. One of the members asked him if he wants some food. The man answered “Yes please.” Without hesitation, the board member rushed inside and gave him some food.

I enjoyed my time at the Crab Feast so much that I didn’t want to leave until the end of the live show. What a great event that was a mixture of generosity, loyalty, and organization. I would like to thank Ann-Marie and Claudia for inviting me and for allowing me to experience what it’s like to be a member of our amazing CCBC Alumni Association.

Until I see you my friends,