My daily schedule is currently messed up and every day is different but I will take you through my day today.

Today, I woke up at exactly 1:30pm. haha, Do not even think of judging me. I have my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I just slept in. Anyways, after waking up from what could be classified as a lifetime of sleep or hibernation, I immediately went to brush my teeth and grabbed breakf- brunch? It’s like I woke up hungry lol. After this, I went back to bed. That sounds bad but I promise I didn’t go to sleep.

While in bed, I caught up on my shows- “little fires everywhere” and “for life”- which are amazing btw. In the middle of me watching these shows, my aunt called me to come to work out with her. I was actually excited to do something active because I’ve been slacking lately. Anyways, I jumped out of bed and got in my workout gear. At this point, it was about 3:30pm and she wanted us to workout outside. I honestly didn’t know what I was agreeing to until I started. We started by running a lap around the neighborhood which in my mind was supposed to be the entire workout or so I thought. She said that was the warm-up! I used up all my energy trying to beat everyone in a “race” that was essentially supposed to be a jog. I very quickly felt my heart almost give out and I stopped running and walked back home. Then the workout officially started. We did 10 rounds of three different workouts and I literally almost died. For context, I haven’t worked out in umm… Months? And this was my first real workout in forever so to do 15 burpees, 10 sit-ups and 10 calories on an elliptical, ten whole times almost killed me. We worked out until 5:00pm and I found myself crawling up the stairs. I waddled my way up to the bathroom and took a well-needed bath. 

At this point, I was starving and ready to eat all the calories I burned during the workout. Earlier this week, I found a recipe for Nigerian Jollof rice and this felt like the best time to try it out. May I add that I have become a whole chef during this quarantine? I have tried different recipes and my favorite thing to do during all of this is to share recipes with my friend Meg. We are literally on the same wavelength when it comes to food and cooking and I love it. Anyways I made the rice and it tasted like a party in my mouth. Honestly, the best ever. I’m salivating even thinking about it.

While I cooked, I did some school work. I have tried my best to stay consistent with my academics because I know how easy it is to lose track and fall behind especially when it’s online. I did my philosophy assignment and in order to feel like I was in class, I involved my cousin. I had to read some stories on ethical dilemmas and I asked her opinion and gave mine and went back and forth like we do in class. After which, I felt relieved until I realized today is Wednesday and I have to post a blog tomorrow so here we are. I will wrap this at 11:00om and then go to bed, watch hours and hours of TikTok videos and sleep around the new normal which is 2:30am. Ugh, don’t be like me.

I realized while typing this that my day is not honestly typical and I wanted to hear from someone else. I texted my fellow ambassadors and only one person responded. Yes, I’m calling y’all out. If you’re reading this, please text me back, I miss you. Anyways, Ej responded and here is his day.

Ej woke up at 6am and immediately took his bath and brushed his teeth. I am cackling because I am so embarrassed but moving on… He took care of his little cousin and then took a little nap at 9am, which in his words lasted only 35mins. In the early afternoon, Ej went on Instagram and checked his email notifications from his professors and his supervisor. In the late afternoon, he started working on his online work, particularly physics because that started yesterday and he was working on his labs. At this point, he started saying some smart things like differential equations and stuff but I’ll save you from all that lol.

After school, he went to make lunch, ate and retired to play video games because he didn’t feel like talking to anyone or watching any shows. Well, until I texted the group chat and he was the only one to respond. Thanks, Ej for sharing your day with me. I’m not gonna lie, I am a bit intimidated by how much you seem to have done in a day and mildly inspired to wake up before 1:30pm. No promises though. 

That has been mine and EJ’s day. I truly hope everyone is enjoying this break. When I woke up this morning, I got an email that the JHU summer research program has been canceled and that made me really sad. Still kinda hoping that is an April fools joke because I was really looking forward to my summer at JHU. I just hope this goes away quickly because I need a better structure in my life. Plus I miss Ms. Lesley.