I honestly thought I would be an expert in this department at this point and although I am not entirely clueless about the process, I am definitely no expert. Hi, my name is Grace and I applied to 13 schools. That has desperation, self-doubt, and hopelessness written all over it. I don’t know if I should be giving any advice about this topic so I decided to just share my experience and leave it to you to decide whether you wanna do the same things I did or not.


In the fall, I decided to start applying to colleges and at first, I had only Towson University on my list but I also just got rejected from CCBC’s nursing program so, of course, I doubted my ability to get into Towson. I decided to apply to more schools to have more options to fall back on if I get rejected. I wanted to apply early decision for all my schools because I thought that gave me an upper hand and would make me less likely to get rejected haha. I started the process by making a list of schools I planned to apply for, deadlines and fee waivers. Listen, fee waivers are a must because these things can get very expensive. I took out some schools from my list because they wouldn’t waive my fees. 


I officially started working on apps as the deadline drew closer. I completed Emory’s which was due in October and moved on to complete Towson, Morgan, University at Buffalo, Penn State, and Temple to name a few. I finished most of my applications before I started this semester and I felt kinda accomplished. Well… until I got bored and decided to add Cornell and Johns Hopkins to that list. I tried to make sure I don’t let it stress me out but it is stressing me out and I think I am about to lose my mind. 


You may ask… Grace why didn’t you add these schools to your list at first. Well, I was strictly applying to nursing programs and these schools don’t offer nursing on a bachelor’s degree level. I have recently gone through a life crisis where I think I want to study biology and neuroscience. Oh, what a joke.  This is bad because it’s due in like 20 days and THAT for me is the worst kind of procrastination. Why would I do this to myself? I mean I tried to tell myself not to get too attached and I am sure I might not end up finishing these apps so at this point it’s whatever. What did I say about not taking transfer advice from me?


Hi there! It’s days later and I am knee-deep into my Cornell application. I think I’m falling more in love with this school. I took JHU off the list because it was just too much and my little brain couldn’t handle the pressure. I know I sound like I’m falling apart which I am but this experience has been a crucial learning process for me. I love the idea of answering their question in different words and telling my story in a way that no one else can. 

I guess what I’m saying is; the transfer process will be stressful but it is can also be enjoyable. The little time between submitting your essay and stressing about your decision is very exhilarating so take advantage of that. Don’t get too attached but you also don’t want to not feel attached to the school because it will be evident in your essay. Plan! Plan! Plan! Make a spreadsheet or anything you know you can keep up with. That honestly saved my life because I was racing to meet deadlines for multiple schools and scholarships but I obviously didn’t do the best job at making a decision. Don’t be like me lol.  Come up with a list, Make sure its what you want and if it’s too many schools, make a pros and cons list. I had 20 schools on my list and I eliminated 7. That sounds weird but I looked at different aspects of the schools that I knew wouldn’t benefit me. For example, fee waivers and scholarship opportunities. Lastly, DO YOU. you will hear a lot of unwanted advice from people and some will not seat right with you. Remember that you do not have to listen to everyone. I am grateful to have had people in my life who give me the best advice and help me get me through this process.


Also, the Transfer fair is coming up pretty soon so , make sure to check it out. SHC officers and I will be sharing our transfer experience during the honors meeting next Wednesday.