If you are not a PTK member or provisional member, the title probably means nothing to you. C4 in the PTK universe means Community College Completion Corps. I could dive into a deep hole of technicalities and the meaning of C4 in PTK terms but I would rather you know my definition. MDC4 simply means Maryland C4 by the way.

The sad reality is that some community college students believe, for some reason, that they do not need to graduate with an associate degree. They believe they can transfer with 30 credits and while there are no extreme consequences to that approach, getting a degree should be the ultimate goal. I decided to complete my degree for a couple of reasons. One of which is I wanted a US degree so bad and four years is just too long to wait to have one. A degree would be a piece of physical evidence that I can and I will get as many more as I desire. I could go on and on about why this week means a lot to me but it should to you too.

There are so many opportunities open to students with a degree but most importantly, studies show that students who completed their associate’s degrees are more likely to further their education. It’s not me, its science and we all know we can’t argue with science. Also, community college graduates can make money while working towards a bachelors’ degree. Going back to science or just statistics LOL, on average community college graduates can earn up to $58,240 as opposed to $35,580 that people with only high-school diploma holders make.

That said, today I pledge to complete my education and transfer because

  • It gives me a strong foundation for my bachelor’s degree
  • I save so much money
  • I get to stay at CCBC for one more semester, YAY


  • It is the smartest academic step, PERIOD!

All this and more is why I chose to complete my degree. My only question is why don’t you? I challenge you, yes you reading this blog, to complete your associate’s degree. I mean, it is only 60 credits, you’ve got this.


Here’s a link to the Phi Theta Kappa completion pledge. Go back and click that link. You do not have to be a member to complete the pledge so CLICK IT LOL.