Connect fest was held last week and if you were in attendance, you might have visited a table designated to the honors program. I appreciate the people that take their time to inform new students about the amazing program and I am sure you got the full insight about the amazing program. This is going to be more of a clarification post for anyone who got lost in the chaos and has additional questions. With that being said, here are the things you need to know about the honors program.

  1. Requirements: The Honors program requires students to fill an application form to join the program, coupled with 2 recommendation forms and an essay of at least 500 words and the good news is there is no minimum GPA required to get in. However, they will need a look at your transcript.
  2. Scholarships: Getting a 3.5 GPA or higher is pretty cool but the Honors program puts the icing on the cake. They reward students with $500 either towards their tuition or in a form of a refund check, granted the students took at least one Honors class.
  3. Benefits: Besides getting a scholarship, the honors program gives you access to a faculty mentor and I must say that that is pretty rad because not everyone has that opportunity. Also, one thing that excited me about the program is the smaller class size. I am enrolled in an Honors course this semester and it is so different from a normal class setting. There are only. 15 students in my class and this gives room for discussions. Honors students also get recognized during graduation and if you complete the program, which I believe is 15 credits, you get guaranteed admission into 12 area colleges. (drops mic… picks it back up). I mean, I would be filling out a form at this point. Lastly, the program has a designated study room for members and the good news is printing is absolutely FREE!
  4. FAQ: As a freshman, I wanted to know if the courses are harder than regular courses and I bet you, they are not. I think they are just a little more challenging than an average class. I also wanted to know if I could take Honors classes without being in the program. You guessed it! You definitely can. Honors classes are free for all however, you only get rewarded when you join the program.

To wrap it all up, this is just one of the very many opportunities the school has to offer, I know, how can it get cooler than this?  If you have any more questions, feel free to walk into the Honors room anytime, I assure you the people there are so nice. The Honors office on the Essex campus is in the ADMN building room 109, on the Dundalk campus is in the college community center room 206 and on Catonsville campus, is in the Hilton center,4th floor. The Honors society also meets periodically throughout the semester, so applications get reviewed before the semester ends. Speaking of opportunities, my fellow blogger, Kat Andino, discussed some things about PTK that I think students need to know, so head over to her post to read the amazing things PTK has to offer. The fun doesn’t end here.